Friday, May 05, 2006

The drum is silenced

The Conga Room, LA's most prominent Latin night club, has closed its doors. With all the promoters bemoaning the lack of available space, somebodyy better snatch this property up quick.

The owners of the Conga Room had the decency to preserve the distinctive Deco facade of the building. Given the horrific makeover of the gorgeous Streamline Moderne gem at Orange Grove and Wilshire, there is no guarantee that whoever moves into the property will have any sense of their duty to respect the building. So many architectural landmarks have been lost already; even if it doesn't reopen as a nightclub, it would be a civic duty to ensure that who gets the property safeguards that little piece of the city's cultural heritage.

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Miamista said...

I hear it is reopening in a new and improved version. You hear anything?