Friday, May 26, 2006

Boishakhi Mela!

Happy Bengali New Year 1413!

One other good thing to come out the DaVinci code nonsense: an upswing in literary tourism. Literary tourism goes back to at least the fifth century B.C., but people reading and visiting the locales they've read about is at an all time high. A friend just back from Paris said the town is inundated with DaVinci nonsense --and you know how bored the French like to act about it all... especially with all those foreigners running around spending their Euros in France...

One site I've meant to mention that I enjoy reading I've linked here, the Bookstore Tourism blog.


Are Steve and Phil trying to re-elect Arnold governor? The way they've started slinging mud at each other can only result in liquefaction for the Democrats come election day. They're making it mighty easy for a governor who isn't all that popular to just keep his mouth shut and let them win him his reelection.

Somebody should really tell those two about that. This election is turning into a civics course on, "How to Ensure the Electorate Won't Bother to Vote on Election Day."
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