Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Whose English?

While I'm on a rant that I suspect is part of the Republican agenda to vainly boost their falling popularity, let's look at this 'English Only' bullshit.

First off, tribal lands recognized by as domestic sovereign nations with treaty relationships with the U.S. government cover an area of 56 million acres, making them the 11th largest state in the country in area. That doesn't include trust lands for the Hawaiian people and other territories.

According to the Foundation for Endangered Languages (click on the header for a link above), half of the 6,500 languages spoken on Earth are in danger of extinction. Experts are debating the number of languages already decimated by (oh dear, those words again), colonialism and Western domination.

Lastly, if the Queen of England dictates the proper English in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, then who gets to decide the standard English for the United states? A purple dinosaur? Or whichever evening news has the highest market share?

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