Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Lost"is what the fans must be by now....

If the first fake commercial for the Hanso Foundation was startling, they obviously knew they had to best themselves, as everyone would be looking for the one last night. This is getting just too complicated for my poor little brain to wrap itself around.

Okay, so Henry Gale was Dorothy's uncle in the Wizard of Oz. But the balloon makes me wonder about the wizard/magician that Dorothy ran into... does that make The Island like some sort of Oz?

How will it be wrapped up in the end-- and there has to be an end someday. Doesn't there?

Catching word that Invasion has been cancelled is further dizzying (with all the problems in the world, these are the things I ponder?) so the season finale is it for that show. We'll be left hanging for all eternity as to what happened to Russell's wife. The folks of the real Homestead are probably just glad it's all behind them. Of course, anything that causes tourists to go that far out of Miami just to walk around where a show was supposedly set (and they will, for years to come) is music to the ears of any small town's chamber of commerce --especially a town still trying to put itself back together 14 years after Hurricane Andrew.

The place where Russell and the sheriff had the showdown with the evil hybrid I immediately recognized: Battery Osgood at Fort MacArthur, by the Angel's Gate Cultural Center. It's part of the military museum site that hovers somewhere between benign neglect and outright decay. Just a few weeks ago, I walked down those same dark, eerie passageways where the huge guns that protected Los Angeles Harbor from enemy attack during both World Wars once stood. If anybody is contemplating writing a mystery or a thriller, you get atmosphere by the loads. Then there's that million-dollar view of Santa Catalina Island right there as well-- okay 2.5 to 5 million in today's real estate market.
There was a scene shot near there in the short-lived (but highly slick and enjoyable) detective series only a couple of seasons ago.

There's definitely an angel looking out for that bluff overlooking the sea, because in the real world developers would have snatched up that open land before they'd finished playing taps when the Fort closed. Donald Trump's horrific development is but a few minutes to the west along Palos Verdes Drive South (that is, until it falls into the sea). I'd wager that more than 95% of the residents of Los Angeles have never taken that incredible scenic route (especially since Marineland closed). It's one of the few places in Los Angeles County where one can stop and enjoy a view of a pristine shoreline almost unchanged since humankind came along.

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