Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bumper Sticker of the Day: SEND BUSH TO MARS

It's June First and you know what that means... find those hurricane shutters and start sucking-up to your relatives who live far, far away from the coast.

This Saturday, June 3, is the West Hollywood Art & Design Walk (there's a link to the Avenues of Art and Design on the left).

It is also National Trails Day, sponsored by the American Hiking Society. Here's a link to their website at for a list of activities taking place in all 50 states! Unfortunately, during the recent sweeps period, the local television news stations in LA have been harping on the upswing in the rattlesnake population in Southern California. I've met a bear on a trail once, and if it never happens again in this life it will be too soon. As for snakes, I still remember the time a rattler was right outside the door of our family's trailer when we were camping. My Dad hacked off it's head with his trusty hatchet (thanks, Dad!) and invited us to join in a tasty meal of rattlesnake soup (no thanks, Dad!) as he'd learned in the military. "Tastes like chicken!" he said. Funny, but I don't look at chicken in quite the same way since, either...

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