Saturday, June 10, 2006

Geeks getting down; Nerds getting Fonk-ee

Last night's "A Night on Miracle Mile" was quite an event. The new home of the Architecture + Design Museum, occupying the shell of the space vacated by the Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures, erased any recollection of the previous conformation. The inaugural exhibition, NEW BLOOD: Next Gen," opened the museum officially on June 1, but last night was THE blowout.
Amid the expected multi-culti fare (and excellent catering) were knock-out exhibitions by up-and-coming firms, architectects and students,each mounted on some 40 industrial carts.
The gathering was a chance for many of the AIA attendees to let their hair down and party --and party they did. The art-party followers were there, too, whho had no idea that the AIA was in town, or even the history behind the A + D Museum or the Kaye Museum, or it's significance in LA museum history. Somewhere amid those partying fools there had to be some architects involved in museum planning... but it was hard to tell, what with all the South Asian, Brasilian and salsa music blaring and all.
A good time was had by all, especially yours truly, as if one couldn't tell.
A shout out to my nephew Maxwell Hofstein and my niece Rio Haile on their first birthday! Boy, oh boy, did Uncle Mark score some excellent swag for you guys at the AIA Expo! Don't worry-- I got some for Miku and Tori (and the parents) too!


On my list of LA sites for those visiting the city, I neglected to mention the residential architecture along Waring Avenue in West Hollywood. The treasures range from a streamline moderne to the Arabian storybook fantasy that are among my favorite buildings in LA. I think they even put on a fresh coat of paint in anticipation of the crowd of architectural tourists who'd be swinging by...
Tonight there'a a reading at Skylight Books by Martin Hyatt and D. Travers Scott, and tomorrow I'll most likely watch the gay pride parade from West Hollywood City Hall after my regular Sunday morning meditation meeting. Other than that, I'm keeping my pride weekend loose and open, as there will no doubt be any number of unexpected events that might catch my fancy.
I most likely won't get to post again until Monday at the earliest, so I hope everyone has a safe and joyful pride.

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