Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The story even made the front of today's LA Times: World famous Geno's Steaks in South Philly posted a sign that reads:


So, Geno. What's the English translation for Provolone?

My Mom's cousin's husband Mal in West Philly makes a great hoagie, too --and he serves everybody.


What really shocked me today was that as I was coming up San Vicente Boulevard, I noticed that the Tail O' the Pup was missing! The front of the landmark hotdog-shaped eatery is just... gone! Only the back of the building is still there, chained off. It was moved once before, to make way for the Sofitel Hotel where River Phoenix filled up on booze and drugs before making his way to the Viper Room one Halloween night.

According to Roadside America (, the Tail O' the Pup actually disappeared three months ago, almost to the day. It's one of the most iconic pieces of roadside vernacular architecture in Los Angeles. There's apparently a rumor that it will reappear in Westwood. Yeah, right. Probably where the old Ship's Diner was torn down.


Now if I really wanted to get bent out of shape (but, gee, it's such a beautiful day to be angry!), I'd mention that PSA by Mother's Against Drunk Driving to be aired in Canada. Ummm, don't they have PFLAG in Canada? And are PFLAG and MADD mutually exclusive? I'm kind of surprised that Commercial Closet or GLAAD haven't jumped on this yet.

I wanted to get more information before I got bent out of shape; then I found out that the ad may be viewed on MADD's Canadian Website. They'll probably get the pro-marijuana lobby on their case, too, by suggesting that smoking dope will turn you (yuck!) gay!

On the other hand, it might just accidentally promote the use of marijuana among some people...


I bet Karl Rove is wondering who do you gotta kill to get arrested in Washington, D.C.? Might I suggest Ann Coulter? It's usually the left that eat their own; it would be kind of nice to see the right wing knock each other off. Then Karl could finally get his jail cell and become somebody's bitch. There's something to make me feel better, thank you very much.

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Texas Truth said...

Joey Vento is the owner of Geno’s Steaks. That means it is HIS business and he can do wherever he likes. If some immigrant can't order his/her lunch in the way that is prescribed, I guess he/she doesn’t eat at Geno's. I know there are other places in Philadelphia to eat. Some of the bleeding heart liberals just don't get it. Kudos to Joey. I understand no one is turned away. If they can’t order in English, then someone is there to TEACH them the proper way to order. Joey has a great deal of support out here. I have a post at my blog about this and other issues

Please feel free to stop by and read my perspective on this and other issues.