Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm still waiting for my forty acres --preferably Midtown Manhattan and you can keep your damn mule

As a caveat, I should warn you before you read this that I have not had my morning coffee yet. So you know I'm in a mood.

At the triennial gathering of the Episcopal Church, they quickly apologized for appointing a gay Bishop... but after 387 years, they still haven't apologized for slavery. Well, well, well. If you see a dark cloud forming overhead, don't worry-- but don't stand too close to any Episcopal Bishops if you know what's good for you.

The American Episcopal Church split over the issue of slavery before the Civil War and only reconciled in 1983. News accounts suggest the appointment of their first openly gay Bishop could threaten to rip the church apart all over again. If something as central to the teachings of Christ as the sexual orientation of a Bishop threaten to disintegrate the Episcopal Church, then maybe it's an entity that has ceased to serve its purpose.

Them uppity black folk over two hundred years ago walked out of the church when those supposedly religious folk wouldn't let them worship in the same pews- sometimes even in the same building. This after they kidnapped said black folk, destroyed their families and annihilated their cultures including their languages and spiritual beliefs --all so they could get rich.

Germany and Japan had to pay reparations after the World Wars. Iraq is being forced to make restitution. But these same folk let themselves off the hook when it comes to acknowledging how much of their wealth is actually is ours --or at the least, of our making. We didn't even get a thank you for the wealth we created for Western Europe and the United States.

Somehow, I get the feeling that this isn't the best time for North Korea to have a nuclear warhead pointed at North America. Luckily, God in His or Her infinite wisdom does not entrust me with the button to the launcher. Besides, after I have my cortadito, I'll be thinking much more rational.

Oh, but then comes the news that the Board of Governors of the BBC have ruled that the word "gay" now means "rubbish." I think I just told my secretary to put through that call to North Korea again. Then again, they did give us "Are You Being Served?" and Graham Norton.

To think that I have held the BBC to a far higher standard than what I expect of American media for years. Well, I just made a (expletive deleted) ruling of my own. From now on, when I say, "BBC," I gather you'll know exactly what I'm referring to.

The BBC has a website where folks may voice their own opinions. Just click here for the link.

After all, who wants that nasty ol' nuclear cloud hangin' over their head for the next ten thousand years? Since those heterosexual white men are the only ones who've (thus far) used the Bomb, I'd like to be able to remind them that they were the ones who had a problem keeping their rockets in their pockets. Besides; if they keep acting this way, in another generation or two, it'll be our turn to have our summer homes in our European colony.

And if they can learn to act right, we'll let some of 'em work in the big house.

Now where's that houseboy with my cortadito?

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