Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On such a beautiful afternoon, I should be playing outside instead of being on the computer, so I'll make this brief...

The post-pride discussion I had at lunch on Monday had me fondly remembering Kris Kovick's book, "What I Love About Lesbian Politics is Arguing With People I Agree With." Unfortunately, no one else was old enough to remember Kovick's splendid humorous look at contemporary LGBT urban life. As with the unofficial motto of Miami Beach, "Ah, you should have been here back when..."


I wanted to give a congratulations to Robert Ramos, whose salon was featured in the first "Best Of" list of Ciudad magazine.


To be filed under the "if only I'd seen this before Pride" file... Jerome Cleary just published a piece in this week's West Hollywoood Independent about MADD putting a casting notice out for to-be-film PSA to be aired in Canada that is incredibly homophobic. As if the stories about Ann Coulter's new book weren't enough to get my dander up. I'll just say, "don't get MADD, get GLAAD."

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