Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hey, but at least it's DRY heat...

8:32 p.m., June 24: Willow Station on the Metro Blue Line: The Tour des Artistes was as delightfully disorganized as any art fair could be when run by a bunch of artists -- but a lot of fun all the same, and worth spending almost three hours wandering through the Long Beach East Village Arts District.

It almost made up for running into the LaRouche volunteers --again-- outside my post office. They have some nerve, putting up a table in the heart of WeHo. What worries me more, though, is how little people seem to be aware of who they are. That their homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist propaganda could be disseminated in the heart of gay-and-Jewish West Hollywood is more a commentary on the apathy of the community. Karen Ocamb has an excellent piece in the new issue of IN Magazine where she talks about that very issue.

Those LaRouche volunteers --as well as the people taking their pamphlets-- may have little to no idea of what LaRouche has done. I tried to get one of the volunteers to say whether they were actually being paid, but he was cagey enough not to bite --and raise my suspicions that he can't claim complete ignorance about LaRouche's politics.

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Anonymous said...

LaRouche is great, I'm jewish and gay and so is my boyfriend and we both support him. All that stuff about him is just slander from people who don't like his politics. Do you know any of his policy suggestions? He is the only politician with good ideas.