Saturday, April 08, 2006

...and a boo and hiss to Beny Alagem

Alagem, who purchased the Beverly Hilton Hotel, wants to tear down the iconic Trader Vic's, which has stood for years at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards. While the hotel was so-so in it's architectural style (some preservationists will likely bristle at that), Trader Vic's has been a landmark for Angelenos, and a symbol of Mid-Century modernism --even for those who had little or no interest in historic preservation or architecture. Fortunately, the developers, stunned at the degree of community outrage, have reportedly been in some sort of negotiation to save the Trader Vic's. So soon after losing the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub at the Ambassador Hotel, it demonstrates how tenuous our connections with our history are.

Someone has reportedly made a "Greetings from Brokeback Mountain" postcard (I want one! Hint! Hint!).

Jury Duty, Room 253, 1:35 p.m. Theatre of the Absurd:

A television in the jury pool room is blaring "The People's Court" to entertain the folks waiting to be assigned to a trial. No one else seems to find this odd.

About those Gnostics; if the recently discovered Gospel of Judas is the text which proves he was no traitor, thus putting into focus the origins of anti-Semitism by St. Augustine and others in an orchestrated campaign to vilify Jews ...what will have to happen in order to force a re-evaluation of the vilification of gays? I expect the usual scholars are probably already working on it.

Wednesday night's Lost did not disappoint. Twists and turns and yet new revealations; and knowing that any cast member could get killed off at any moment only made it more edge-of-your-seat television. I should say that Matthew Fox doesn't really have to take off his shirt--the torn-off sleeve showing his biceps and the perennial beard stubble seem to work just fine. Not that I'd have a problem, natch, if he were to wear a little less clothing now and then.

The Evidence, immediately following, featured just the kind of on-location shots I was hoping for (did you see the Sutro Tower in the background?) The backstories of the characters are clearly more interesting than the hook that is supposed to set this cop show apart from all the others. Only, I can't get why a M.E. the age of Martin Landau would still be working for the City/County. Would Civil Service allow someone of his age to work, I wondered, even if it was to take advantage of some irreplaceable expertise his character had? It's not easy bringing up the Holocaust, and I wouldn't have been surprised if one of the writers had been sitting on that story line for ages trying to work it in a show.

Last night's Numb3rs, one the other hand left me pretty disturbed. I left the room without even turning off the set. That was just a little too graphic and violent for my taste. No, it was a lot too graphic. I keep waiting for that show to improve a notch or two, but they seem to think it's doing just fine. While I'm not a body fascist, David Krumholz might wanna realize he can't get by on that doe-eyed baby face forever, and get a trainer. He's gotta be the only actor his age in Hollywood on a hit show who could stand to (how should I put this delicately?) lose a few pounds. Geeks can be hunks, too. His agent would appreciate it; sooner or later, after all, he's gonna have to audition for another show, and the competition is fierce in this town, where pretty faces are a dime a dozen. Silly thing to pick on --he is a fine actor, but I just don't want to think about last night's storyline if I can help it.


A.J. said...

they closed the trader vics at the plaza in new york, and the one in toronto. seems most are now in california or the UAE. the beverly hills version is a classic and should be proclaimed a heritage site.
maybe i'll have a pina colada tonite...

Miamista said...

I've been dying to link to your site from Miamista but I know it would be cheating b/c it is not a Miami blog. What would my freinds from out of town say if they saw YOU linked and not them. Arrrgh! Anyway, Miamista is still a fan of your writing. I read your blog virtually on a daily basis. Makes me want to be a writer.