Monday, April 03, 2006

Jury Duty

But what was up with Desperate Housewives last Sunday? Now they've insulted virtually everyone in a twelve step program in America, and I'm still not exactly feeling the love for the story arc of Bree's gay son Andrew van de Kamp. What adds to the oddness of his character is that Marc Cherry has said in interviews that the Van de Kamps are based on his own family... so is he pulling his own covers? Is Andrew going to grow up to be an evil Hollywood producer? High camp is one thing, but this show is wobbling.

The storylines introduced in Grey's Anatomy immediately after, by comparison, were a hoot. And this week's Lost still has me scratching my head, which is a good thing where that show is concerned. Just when you think you know which way it'll go-- it says gotcha! and veers off in another direction entirely. Just so long as I get my quota of Matthew Fox shirtless scenes, I don't much mind how confused it makes me. Frankly, J.J. Abrams ought to be the toast of the town for coming up with this whole concept. ABC better realize when they've got a good thing.

I'll be at the computer very irregularly this week as I'll once again be fulfilling my obligations as a citizen. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me volunteer for Dubya's war crimes trial...

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A.J. said...

LOST... after months of screwing us with repeats and skipping episode shootings for red carpet shit, now oahu has been raining floods... so gotta wonder if we're due for another onslought of repeats and a delayed end-of-season.
tonite's hurley chapter looks like it'll be great.