Friday, April 21, 2006

If you aren't angry, then you're not paying attention

Can you believe that they released that character to go back home once they took away his guns and ammo?
If the ATF had discovered that an African-American had an arsenal in his home, his bullet-ridden corpse would be full of holes from Federal agents, even if he claimed he was going to send the weapons to Darfur to defend the people that the American government has been reticent to protect.

Had it been a Vietnamese exile belonging to one of the paramilitary groups working to liberate their homeland, he'd at least be cooling his heels at the Terminal Island prison or the Downtown Detention Facility.

And don't get me started on the (as yet still peaceful) organizations advocating that the U.S. acknowledge and apologize that they overthrew the sovereign government of Hawai'i, then restore their independence.

We're in a city filled with exiles from political strife from all over the world. LA has the largest population of some 30 different nationalities outside of their homeland. When it warrants 30 seconds on the nightly news, it's guaranteed that the elite have already smuggled their assets into American banks. You should have seen Chinatown the 48 hours after the British Foreign Office announced they were going to proceed with the handover of Hong Kong to China (not that there hadn't already been a very visible transfer of assets and population to LA by then).

But Alpha 66 is selling guns and munitions to criminals. Alpha 66 is responsible for a police officer and an innocent woman being shot. When Cubans were killing other Cubans in Miami for daring to exercise their right of free speech, the hardliner exilios had to shoot down an airliner filled with innocent people in order to get prosecuted. Until then, they'd largely left non-Cubans alone.

Even if this guy wasn't acting on behalf of Alpha 66, the claim that he was stockpiling weapons for an assault on his homeland from the otherside of the continent has been given equal time by the local media. Of course, the media in LA is less familiar with the day-to-day insanity of Miami of the 70s and 80s. The only political assasination LA has had in the last twenty years or so was when Armenian radicals murdered a Turkish diplomat.

Is Alpha 66 conducting a secret war against the United States? Or has the monitoring-from-a-discreet-distance policy of the Feds backfired? Did they need a suitable number of civilian casualties to mount before they could do anything? If this guy is using his tenuous connection with Alpha 66 as a paper-thin defense for his actions, why is he sitting back at home after they took away his arsenal? This guy had enough weaponry to arm a Hell of a lot of criminals on the street! He had machine guns, for crying out loud! How many Hell's Angels and gang bangers made trips to his antique shop to purchase guns?

If this is the best that our government can do to keep a lid on the carnage on our streets, what the Hell do we expect them to find all those missing weapons from the former Soviet arsenal?

As the saying goes, You aren't paranoid if they're really out to get you.


I need to think of something mindless and silly to keep from being pissed, because experience has shown me that it is not in my best interest to walk around looking angry. So, as they would say on Monty Python, "And now for something completely different."

Those recent Volkswagen commercials have had me rather jittery, no matter how many times I've seen them --and I always buckle up. On the flip side, the commercial for the Dodge Calibre where a fairy turns a dumb clod into a drag queen has me cracking up every time I see it. The vintage couture adds a nice campy touch. I wonder what the Velvet mafia in GLAAD think about it.

This weekend, we're heading over to the Brewery for the biannual Artwalk --there's a link to their website on the header at top.

I have mixed emotions about learning about the loss of two more gay publications, the San Diego Update and South Florida's The Weekly News. While San Diego California's second largest city) continues to be served by a variety of GLBT publications, most notably the Gay and Lesbian Times, South Florida's gay community cannot afford to lose a single source of news and information, even in this electronic age. The loss of any gay business anywhere in the country doesn't help our community.

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