Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A silly little fairy causes a great big stir!

I mentioned recently how I enjoyed the new Dodge Calibre commercials where the big macho guy gets it for denigrating the fairy... and sure enough, Commercial Closet (click on the header above for a link to their site) doesn't see anything positive about the ad.

I'm not gonna get into the endless debate about "political correctness." A good deal of the backlash against that I'd wager is part of an orchestrated campaign to put boys in blue and girls in pink, women back in the kitchen an darkies picking cotton as they sing to their masters on the porch of the big house. You know who you are.

Granted, it is a fine line --and very thin ice-- where allowable use of such language slides into intentionally demeaning speech and behavior.

I'm one to take note of who uses such speech and when (and how often), but to allow some latitude for the benefit of a doubt at the same time.

We've all heard the joke about "what do you call the [Jewish, African- American, woman, gay man, etc.] who leaves the room?.... "

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