Thursday, April 13, 2006

"My Lucky Star" by Joe Keenan

I just finished Joe Keenan's newest novel, My Lucky Star. Like his first two novels, My Blue Heaven and Putting on the Ritz, it was a rollicking, funny ride from beginning to end. Perhaps it was even more enjoyable because he so delightfully skewered the motion picture industry as only an insider could.

The rains that we've been waiting for all week are still pummeling Northern California, but today is Chamber of Commerce picture postcard perfect. The news said it might hit the 80s, but they didn't say that was going to be before breakfast.
I'm supposed to be introspective and pensive during my birthday week, but I'm reminded by the world around me that after 25 years of sobriety you get 25 years and a day. No balloon drop; no one hands you the keys to a convertible. Life goes on, just as it did yesterday, and the day before that. Yet, it is a time to reflect, and remember, that but for the grace of God, I wouldn't even be here to enjoy it or be bored by it.

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