Monday, April 24, 2006

Are YOU ready for the Big One?

Sharon Bernstein had an real eye opener of a story in Friday's LA Times. Nobody in California has been expecting FEMA to come when the next big quake hits (and it will hit), but we've always thought local government officials were prepared. After all, they live here too. As one of my fellow jurors said to me confidently a few weeks ago, "the government wouldn't let people build there if it wasn't safe, right?"

Ask the folks in South Miami-Dade who were there when Andrew hit.

Two-thirds of San Francisco Bay have been filled in over the past 150 years. Liquefaction of the soil will be a prime cause of serious problems--and few parts of the state do not have construction on some sort of fill, from UCLA to much of San Francisco, and our three largest airports in the state.

Preparedness by local officials varies widely from community to community. Dad gave each of us a Red Cross emergency kit at Christmas --I encourage you to give one to everybody you care about. I suspect when it happens, I'll be across town from home; it's not crazy to have a spare emergency kit in your trunk.

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