Friday, April 28, 2006

On my way to the LA Times Festival of Books...

The LA Times Festival of Books and the Miami International Book Fair have become two of the largest literary gatherings in the United States; all the more unusual considering that both cities get a considerable amount of flack for their cultural deficiencies. The LA Times Festival is actually the newer of the two, and considerably more monolingual, although not entirely.

I'll be gorging myself on books, books and more books all weekend, and won't get a chance to post 'til Monday night at the earliest.

I'm curious to see just what is going to happen on Monday with the proposed immigrant boycott. I guess technically the Mayflower descendants could all take the day off, too. Maybe a reality check for this country would be in order and everyone whose ancestors came through Ellis Island or Angel Island were took to take the day off.

School administrators and local elected officials have been imploring people to stay on the job and at school, and make their voices heard in a nice, orderly, Mattachine society fashion later in the day. Juneteenth was not originally a national African-American holiday. It was from Texas, where the slaveowners made certain that they got the harvest in before telling the slaves that they were --ahem-- already free.

I can just see Harriet Tubman asking for permission before carrying her precious cargo to Canada, or Rosa Parks waiting for permission to get her seat on a bus after a long hard day at work.

Permission, eh?

I remember a poignant museum exhibition of empty boats found by the Coast Guard in the Florida Straits; and how many people remember the people who died not asking for permission trying to get over the Berlin Wall?

I hear that New Hampshire parents are suing to keep a book about the two male penguins who tried to raise a baby out of the schools. How about replacing it, for the time being, with a nice, All-American account about how babies were ripped from their mothers arms as their parents were sold off to different owners? Or child labor a hundred years ago...

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